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We are living in a clown world.  The tyrannical controllers are making their move.  They take over from within, like a cancer, because they know they can’t take over by invading from the outside.  They take over the financial, judicial, political, medical and media systems.  They sexualize our youth, dumb down the population with chemicals in the water, food and air.  We are drugged and turned against each other through the Cloward-Piven strategy, religion, sexes, ideologies and so on.  Then they disarm their domesticated, confused and asleep populous of the mental plantation.  History shows us this.

America has the 1st and 2nd amendment thus its citizens are vocal and armed.  Throughout history, when any tyrannical system attempts to control its people, they fail once the people wake up to the oppression in a revolution.  All the past political systems have been displaced and are constantly trying to come back to enslave the people.  The latest political experiment that has won over these oppressive regimes is the Constitutional Republic of the United States.  Armed with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights which are based on the inalienable rights of humans, it offers the freedom to become whatever one has chosen.  This is in direct competition to all the previous political systems.  That doesn’t mean it is a utopia, but it is free.  Being free doesn’t mean things are just given to us, but that we are free to make the choices by our own free will.  It doesn’t absolve the fact of action and consequence, but it truly gives us the truth of private ownership of Self as an initial foundation.

If you want to live in a world that is run by common morals, no assault, no theft, no rape and no murder, then you will join the fight against these oppressive systems.  My belief is that by implementing philosophical anarchism coupled with a principle of non-aggression in our own life, we can someday achieve this goal through peaceful means one person at a time.  Whether you are of a secular, theistic or atheistic belief, we all have similar goals of peace.  I also recognize that evil will always exist on this planet.  Educate yourself on the systems that are attacking us by reading what they teach directly from their source writings and not from opinion pieces.  Arm yourself with knowledge so that you won’t become a mind slave through the lies of the oppressor.  We will never know the authoritative “Truth”, but we can at least have peace and prosperity until that point.

We are the people that own this world, so lets start acting as such.  I hope you enjoy this site and its links for both sides of the story.  Contrast and compare the information for yourself.


“Hwa is thet mei thet hors wettrien the him self nule drinken?”
- Old English Homilies, 1175

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