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Wednesday, 12 August 2020 15:12

George Floyd - The Importance of the Narrative

With the information being released, we can now learn the truth behind the lie that sparked the culture war. Read the autopsy report of George Floyd to find out how and when he died. Spoiler alert, not with a knee on his neck. This does not excuse the training reform needed for the police, the elimination of the war on drugs, and so many other reforms to the laws that breed bad officers, but it does open eyes and minds to the mind control held over the populous by the boob tube. You can also watch the body cam footage to see the narrative you aren't suppose to follow or oppose.

Don't defund or abolish the police so that the overlords can bring in their own force of snitches and brownshirts, but instead defund and vote out the politicians that create illegal edicts and orders instead of following the constitutional process of creating laws through the legislature that gets voted into existence by the people. The people are the government and not the want to be dictators in power currently running many of the cities, counties and states of this Constitutional Republic. We're not a democracy where the mob rules. Always remember this truth that was fought and bled for by our forefathers.

The plan of the globalist elite is to spark a civil war through the election turmoil to begin the west coast states secession from the union, tldr; read the last two paragraphs, https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/02/business/media/election-coverage.html. Whether this comes to fruition depends on the awakening to their dirty tricks. They must keep everyone asleep to maintain enslavement, yet we only need 10% awake and active to bring in the true change for freedom.  Not a utopia, but freedom.

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