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Yesterday, 08/14/2020, an independent reporter, Millie Weaver from https://www.millennialmillie.com/, was going to publish an expose documentary on the Shadow Network.

If you're not familiar with that term you can watch, What was Operation Mockingbird? (CIA Media control), to understand the foundation of the project. In 2015 Obama quietly signed H.R. 5181, further funding what we now know as fake news.

Back to the blog. While waiting for the documentary to break, Millie was being arrested, MILLIE WEAVER BEING ARRESTED JUST AS SHE IS UPLOADING SHADOWGATE DOCUMENTARY, along with her husband. All of this happened around 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. EDT, live, in real time. For the following 4-6 hours the whistle blowers interviewed in the documentary came out and exposed the information further. Tore, from http://toresays.com, steamed the documentary via her twitch account. Right after that twitch live stream, she premiered the documentary on youtube. DOD Cyber Security Expert Exposes 'Minority Report' AI Program.

So, while the system is trying to censor the truth by arresting innocent reporters and using the controlled tech grid to not permit the information to go out, the information is being pumped into the matrix by those that have the knowledge. It took an hour+ to download something that only takes 10-20 min.. The browser crashed, the link was reset several times and was even disconnected during this process (the LTE radio reset), while using Verizon's data network. The signal was perfect being that it was being used, before all of this started, for streaming the launch of the documentary. Magically, the link started having issues once the back up of the video started, before it gets memory holed, just like so many videos on  https://www.notjustonevoice.com. Now that everything is backed up, this was the story of how it all went down. It's not the first time I've had to go through this process, but it's illustrative on the controlled narrative being destroyed and the system panicking frantically to regain control.  Visit, https://www.notjustonevoice.com/index.php/shadow-net, https://www.notjustonevoice.com/index.php/archive/category/13-operation-mockingbird, for many more videos and documents on this subject.

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