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After reflecting upon the information overload of the past few months, it continues to show the further encrochments on our liberties.  SARS-CoV-2, also known as the COVID-19, is a real virus that kills, that is undeniable.  A coronavirus is an interesting bunch, SARS, flu and the common cold.  Now throw in the mix a man made chimera, stiched up SARS, flu, common cold with an HIV delivery method, BAM!!, you have a gain of function (weaponized) super common cold on steroids.  In short, a weaponized super common cold.  It is estimated that a person gets the common cold every second of the day.  How would the headlines read then...hmmmm???  Moving on, we have Bill Gates quarter backing the medical tyranny.  For those following all of this you can put 1 and 1 together.

Here is the sauce to this article:

I will not comply to the hysteria of social distancing.  When was the last time you social distanced from anyone because of the cold?  Yes this is a super cold, but again, when did you social distance 6ft, 12 ft, 26 ft...., because of the cold, flu or any sickness.  Think about it.  When did you last cower to any diseas around you.  Why is this so different, did the media hijack your brain waves and all of a sudden you must stay home and away from everything that makes you a healthy human?  Sunlight, fresh air, ocean, lakes, wildlife and most important, your social circles!!!  The Constituion and the Bill of Rights did not go to sleep because of the spanish flu, let alone the a super common cold.  Wake up and realize how you are being manipulated.  We need to demand that our business' open again.  Vote with your dollars, your voice so that Kinetic military action does not need to happen, killing millions more over this stupid cold!

Think about those around the world.  For the majority of America, this is mostly an inconvinience.  For the poor of America, it is a death sentence.  For those around the world already living with malnutrition and hunger every day, this is putting millions in the ground already.  Not to mention those that did not even have a chance.  Every life is important, every business is important, America is important because America is fighting the Global Mafia that is trying to enslave us and make us prinsoners in our own homes.  When did we wake up to be so domesticated.  “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”, Francis Scott Key would be sick looking at us, not to mention the founders of freedom through this wonderful law of the land of the Constitution and The Bill of Rights.

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